Wireless clock system

Kabelloses Funk-Uhrensystem

What is this?
A wireless clock system allows various clocks in one or several buildings to be synchronised without cables. This occurs through the release of a time signal from an 869 MHz radio transmitter that is connected to a master clock. All slave clocks within receiving distance receive the time information, and the correct time is synchronised automatically. In the event of a breakdown, the slave clocks function independently, even when temporarily there is no radio reception. The 869 MHz radio signal also permeates walls. The range of a radio signal is 100 to 200 meters, depending on number, structure and the strength of the walls. The 869 MHz radio frequency is part of a licence-free ISM-band (Industrial Scientific and Medical) according to the European standard ETS 300-220. The digital transmission of the time data string is coded in order to avoid interferences with other (radio-) systems.

What are the advantages?
+ Substantial savings on installation costs and little hassle at implementation
+ Great flexibility when installing the object due to the fee choice of the site and       simple extension
+ Simple maintenance of existing buildings without cables
+ Unlimited number of slave clocks within transmission range
+ Signals also permeate walls
+ Uniform time in the whole building and automatic daylight savings change
+ Aesthetic (no visible cables)

How does the radio transmitter work?
The radio transmitter is situated near the master clock and transmits the time signal to all clocks within range at a frequency of 869 MHz. Three broadcasting transmitter levels can be programmed: 25 mW (for small applications), 125 mW (range: zone 1) and 500 mW (range: zones 1+2), at 500 mW + Using an amplifier, the range is zones 1+2+3. The power supply of the radio transmitter goes via the master clock.

How does the repeater work?
The range of the radio transmitter is increased by the signal amplifier. The amplifier receives the radio signal and transmits it without changing the form. Up to three signal amplifiers can be used per compass direction. The power supply of the signal amplifier is 230VAC/50 Hz.


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