Exact time and precise clocks are a given in many areas of daily life and often provide the foundation for organisation and sensible business processes.
We offer a solution for every time display problem – the most progressive technologies along with recognised quality distinguish the products of our Austrian traditional enterprise. With our broad spectrum of products we can fulfil almost all the demands of schools, hospitals, small, medium and large businesses, hotels, sport facilities, pools, banks, trades premises and public buildings/facilities and also public transport systems.

Our team of experts has developed microprocess-controlled quartz master clocks with a high-precision time base and integrated circuit programmes. The modular installation of these clock systems allows extension from a simple impulse- generating module in the standard version to any desired stage of expansion right up to central clock units with sub-controls.

Kabelgebundene Uhrenanlagen

Hard-wired master clock systems

Why use a master clock with slave clocks?
When should I use a clock central?

Here, there are several advantages:
1. User friendliness
2. Accuracy
3. Durability 
4. Temperature fluctuations
5. Clock size flexibility
6. Product origin

What kind of wiring do I need?
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Selbstrichtende Uhrenanlagen

Self-adjusting clock systems

How do self-adjusting slave clocks work?
What advantages does this solution offer?
How are existing clock systems expanded without completely revamping the system?
Calibration of slave clocks is fully automatic during the initial implementation and troubleshooting in the case of transmission breakdowns or other causes of failure, which speaks for this comfortable and largely maintenance-free solution.
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Kabelloses Funk-Uhrensystem

Wireless clock systems

What is this? What are the advantages?
How does the radio transmission work?
How does the signal amplifier work?
Simple installation without control lines, thus saving costs, and less hassle during implementation; expansion of the wireless clock system possible at any time, offering the ideal solution for old and new builds.
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NTP Clock Systems

NTP Clock Systems

Where will be used such system?
How does it work?
What do we understand under Power over Ethernet?

Time distribution via local Ethernet network
as convenient and maintenance free solution.
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Apart from the central control as the heart of the clock system, the product range also naturally also includes all peripheral devices (stand-alone) in the form of analogue or digital clocks, which can be delivered in various models.
Industrial requirements such as robustness and durability can also be met, as well as architectural requirements in stylish old or modern buildings and also harmonisation with the surroundings. Schauer has reference examples all over the world.

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