Clocks & clock systems

Exact time and precise clocks are a given in many areas of daily life and often provide the foundation for organisation and sensible business processes.

With our broad range of products we can fulfil almost all the demands of schools, hospitals, small, medium and large businesses, hotels, sport facilities, pools, banks, trade premises, public buildings and facilities and also public transport systems.



Analogue clocks

with flat, nicely formed clock housing and slim, tapered or straight clock hands behind a protection cover, for indoors and outdoors, they’re the main focus in our standard selection. 
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Master clocks

Master clocks are one of Schauer’s most important products. Depending on the project, they’re made to control analogue and digital slave clocks as well as switching outputs and are synchronised using DCF or GPS.    
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Digital clocks

The Schauer selection of LED and LCD digital clocks covers various varieties and possible combinations. Time, date, week day, month and temperature can be shown both on one side and double-sided.
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Kabelloses Funk-Uhrensystem

Wireless clock systems

Using a wireless clock system, different clocks can be synchronised with one or several buildings without cabling.
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Indoor digital scoreboards are used in sport and multi-purpose halls and also school gyms and are suitable for all common balls sports. Outdoor analogue and digital football scoreboards offer ideal solutions.
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