More than 100 years in telecommunications – more than 100 years’ competency

The merger of the companies Mattig GmbH and Schauer Time & Communication Systems GmbH in the year 2000 created a know-how and competence centre. Our current and future customers reap the benefits.

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Main focus: Yesterday, today and tomorrow

If the manufacturing and sales of products like talk-time counters, telegraph devices, telephone distribution systems and the well-known TST connector system for the Austrian Post guaranteed a constant upward development, now the main focus is on network technology.


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Selection and solutions

A comprehensive selection of components for the structured cabling of buildings and also our extensive specialist knowledge and services in optical transmission systems to our own packaging of optical transmission system products enable us to develop, consult and execute numerous projects in which our customer-specific solutions are required.
In addition, since 1934, we have been developing and manufacturing the highest quality taximeters for local and international distribution. Our activities in the SCHAUER time systems product sector focus on the development, projection and production and worldwide distribution of clocks and clock systems – where our clock production dates back to 1839.
Core products in our selection are our own manufactured master clocks and central units, which are synchronised by DCF and GPS. These control a large number of digital and analogue slave clocks in airports, schools, hospitals, public buildings and also in the train and underground sector, at home and internationally.
Our range of products includes sport clocks, time and temperature displays and football clocks as well as advertising and decorative clocks, where customer-specific special designs are among our strengths.


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Traffic engineering

We also specialise in the traffic engineering sector. Here, on the one hand, we deal with the project planning and system integration of systems for passenger information such as queue systems in trains, train stations, airports etc., and, on the other, with railway communication systems.



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